The Dolphin Review

In 2011, in exactly the same Art The Dolphin Review, an eatery was refitted as the great took shape on the Clyde and a NSW legend was born.

With 2011's exceptional ambience, The Dolphin Review is the earliest living eatery in NSW. For over ten years all chefs dedicated themselves for this sensitive artwork of cooking and best serving seafood and the quality fish on the planet from Australian waters.

For nice design, and their local client base, The Dolphin Review is a great place, with special kind of welcome for several of its leading cultural sites, being totally situated close to the city's most refined stores and the traveler.

Love a complimentary glass of wine with our "Dish of the Day"

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Best Restaurant of NSW

In December 2011 The Dolphin Review found its own commemorative publication to observe ten years of superiority.

This perfect present can be bought from the restaurant desk for AUD50.